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Comprehensive and collaborative approach to Juvenile Delinquency in Lukavac municipality

The project develops comprehensive and collaborative approach to juvenile delinquency in the area of Lukavac municipality with the special focus on prevention, correctional and reintegration measures.
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 The main goal of the project is that juvenile offenders, children at risk of offending and their families in Lukavac municipality are dealt with in compliance with international standards on justice for children (J4C) and that prevention, correctional and reintegration measures are taken in their best interests. The Project foresees a strategy based on two levels of intervention: 


  • on the “supply side” (duty bearers) Local institutions and professionals involved in J4C are empowered and have increased cooperation and coordination among them (tailor-made coordination mechanisms and protocols promoting multidisciplinary approach, capacity building and mentoring for professionals)
  • on the “demand side” (right holders), children and youth at risk and their parents are strengthened regarding values and pro-social behaviour, have improved their communication skills and relationships within the family and are empowered to better cope with crisis (locally adapted prevention activities in schools, classes for parents and counselling services). 


By the end of the project, there should be an established comprehensive system of interlinked and coordinated services and increased activities in the field of prevention, intervention and reintegration in Lukavac municipality.

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Status U toku
Implementatori NGO Vive žene Tuzla
Partneri Centar za socijalni rad, Lukavac, Faculty for Special Education Tuzla
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