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Regional Promoting Gender Equality in the Western Balkans

This project aims at promoting gender equality by strengthening the knowledge base and evidence on gender disparities in the Western Balkans, in order to inform government, donor and civil society interventions, with a specific focus on access to economic opportunities.

Strategic Domain:
Economy and Employment
Gender Equality
World Bank
Project implemented in:
Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brčko District, Republika Srpska, Global and regional projects
Sarajevo Canton
Municipalities (3):
Grad Sarajevo, Brčko distrikt, Banja Luka

The expected outcomes are:

  • Informed/stimulated country public debate on gender issues;

  • Increased knowledge base for evidence-base policy-making on gender issues;

  • Contribution to gender equality progress in the participating countries.

This project supports development of:

  • Analytical product to better understand gender inequalities (such as “Research on productivity losses from labor market gender inequalities”);

  • New tools and rigorous evidence (including pilot interventions) to inform policy-making on key gender issues (such as “Qualitative study on economic mobility and barriers to labor markets”)

Dissemination, awareness raising and learning activities on key gender issues.