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Defamation is criminalized in Republika Srpska - What now?

This was the title and question posed at the conference in Konjic, which was supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and implemented by the Press and Online Media Council in BiH.  
Defamation is criminalized in Republika Srpska - What now?

We met again with the director of the Council, Dženana Burek and Maida Bahto Kestendžić, graduate lawyer and project coordinator. They presented the analysis of the lawyer Jovana Kisin Zagajac and the results of the conference.

In short - What did we learn?

  • Journalists should be additionally educated about their rights and obligations.
  • The education of young journalists about ethical and professional reporting should also be prioritized.
  • There is a need to create regulatory and self-regulatory bodies of journalists to deal with violations of freedom of expression, functioning according to the principles of solidarity.
  • Lists of lawyers who are members of the Coalition of Media Lawyers in BiH should be published for the purpose of emergency assistance to the media at this time.

These are just some of the recommendations, we invite you to follow our link to read the complete text.