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Local Investment-friendly Environment (LIFE) Project: Additional Financing for the Implementation of the Integrated and Online Business Registration System in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

STARTING POINT / BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Business practices in BiH are insufficiently transparent, fast, and reliable to attract domestic and foreign investors. As the first step of the business, company registration requires digital transformation to create a more productive and open investment environment. In RS and Brcko District, online business registration systems have been implemented, while in the Federation of BiH, this process is still in the working phase.

Strategic Domain:
Economy and Employment
Strategic partner:
EU, USAID, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Project implemented in:
Global and regional projects


Digital transformation of business in the Federation of BiH to improve bureaucratic procedures in government-business relations (G2B). The implementation of the project will significantly increase the transparency of business services and create preconditions for prosperity and growth of the economic sector with the “click to register” concept.


Federal Ministry of Justice, Federal Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, FBiH Tax Administration, Ten FBiH Business Registration Courts, 79 Municipalities in FBiH, Women Entrepreneurs