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Art does not choose space! Moreover, unused roofs like the roof of the National Theatre of Republika Srpska can be an ideal place for organizing workshops and exhibitions as well as for socializing.

Strategic Domain:
Small actions
Civic Association Prostor
Project implemented in:
Republika Srpska
Municipalities (1):
Banja Luka

 Within the framework of Kroovfest, five creative workshops were held (Rooftecture workshop, Rooftale, Roofillustrate workshop, Mask Unsound workshop and Sound Unmasked workshop) led by artists from Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Zagreb. 

Project beneficiaries were children, students of architecture, participants of different ages and the wider public.

In addition to the "revival" of the roof, the goal of the project was to present new art practices and creative activities with the beneficiaries. As a result, the students of architectureenriched the space with wood furniture and permeable materials. New fairy tales inspired by Banja Luka, her spirit, the Theatre and Kroov have been developed.The best fairy tales got their dream-coloured illustrations, whilethe children met to play unusual instruments (such as Himalayan bowls, sapphire bells and the ocean drums) and created three-dimensionsal masks, thanks to which elephants can be tigers as well.