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Culture / Music Bosnia and Herzegovina has a rich and diverse musical culture, with SEVDAH one of the most important genres of poetic music, and is very popular throughout former Yugoslav countries.

Strategic Domain:
Small actions
Civic Association FOTON
Project implemented in:
Republika Srpska, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Central Bosnia Canton
Municipalities (4):
Jajce, Kakanj, Konjic, Prijedor

 Culture / Music  

Up until recently, conservative views of traditional culture were the only available interpretations of SEVDALINKA. Damir Imamović, one of the leading voices of contemporary music from the Balkans and a teacher of the music, introduced the audience to new interpretationsand walked it through the history of this ancient genre of Bosnian traditional music, spreading the message that SEVDALINKA belongs to everybody, and educating and emancipating the audience on new interpretative forms.

The project SEVDAH MEETINGS was aimed at music professors, teachers, social activists, journalists and youth - young men and women - as a means of spreading a new vision of traditional music and its emancipatory potential. To present the history of SEVDAH in a more interactive and innovative way which was also attractive to younger generations, a new visual technique of presentation was used. 

The SEVDAH MEETINGS were held in Kakanj, Konjic, Jajce and Prijedor.